This site is a directory curated and maintained by the mods of /r/sexwork.   It’s a resource to help people find alternatives after the April Shutdown of craigslist personals.

If you’re a sex worker, you don’t need us to tell the kind of hell the new FOSTA-SESTA law has created.  Overnight millions of people lost the ability to easily connect with the internet.  Our basic rights to consensual sex have been stepped on, and it’s a mess.

As a moderator of Reddit’s biggest subreddit on the topic of both cl and sex work, we are immediately aware of new sites and tools that help people find dates online.  We made this site as an organized way to keep track of new craigslist personals alternatives, not only for ourselves but for everyone that needs it.

If you’d like to get in touch, please leave a comment on the homepage and I will get back to you.