FetLife is a new addition to the homepage list, and an often overlooked craigslist personals replacement.  

What is Fetlife? On the homepage you'll see a good summary of the site:  "Like Facebook, but run by kinksters like you and me."  Basically, it's a great personals alternative if you're into BDSM, Fetishes, and Kinks.

How to use Fetlife

Here's how to use Fetlife in a way that will get you similar results to craigslist personals.

First, you have to create an account and tell Fetlife your gender, sexual orientation, and 'role' there's a lot of options:

After you create your account you'll be asked to follow a few kinksters near you.  Following people means you will see their posts on your timeline and be able to message them.  They can choose to accept or not accept your messages. 

After this you'll be asked to upload a photo (optional) and then verify your phone number.  One big advantage of fetlife is that aren't many fake accounts because of the phone verification.  The profiles also make it easy to see who has a reputation and who has been around for a while.

There's a few main features in fetlife that you'll want to start using to find hookups:

Explore - This tab lets you search for new people to follow.  The people you see will depend on the orientation and role you chose when creating your account.   You can go to your profile settings to change your orientation and role.

Places - This section lets you look for members in a given location.  This is a good one for finding people for casual encounters near you.

Fetishes - Instead of searching by place, the fetishes section lets you find people that are into the same kinks that you are.

Groups - In the groups section you can browse groups to follow.  This is pretty similar to the facebook group section.  One of the ones you should be following is the classifieds group, where people post sex ads, just like craigslist personals, but with even more edginess.

Events are another cool feature of Fetlife.  You'll see all the meetups of kinksters near you.  A lot of these are at bars, coffee shops, or even sex shops and clubs. 

Bottom Line

If you use the classifieds section of Fetlife and are up for some kinky stuff, then Fetlife will make a great craigslist personals alternative.  Like with all sites for casual encounters, be careful and start off by meeting in public places.

Have you tried Fetlife? Leave a comment below and let us know about your experience!

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